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cx 07-01-2015 06:09 PM

Isaac in June Tile Letter
Have a look at your June issue of Tile Letter (mine always arrives the following month) on page 50 and you'll find a Member Spotlight article about our own Isaac Homza (Higher Standard Tile).

Congratulations, Isaac, and thanks for mentioning the JB Forums. :)

Houston Remodeler 07-01-2015 06:43 PM

A very nice article too !:tup1:

Gary K 07-01-2015 07:22 PM

Congrats Isaac!!

jondon 07-02-2015 12:00 AM

Haven't gotten the June issue yet but way to go Isaac you are consistently churning out high quality tile installations. A model for the rest of the tile community to follow:)

Kman 07-02-2015 01:29 AM

Congrats, Isaac!!

:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

ded dux 07-02-2015 01:51 AM

Good job sir.:neesie:

Tiger Mountain Tile Inc 07-02-2015 09:37 PM

Congratulations Issac! :tup2: Hopefully you spilled all your secrets. ;)

Higher Standard Tile 07-03-2015 12:13 AM

Thank-you everyone. :bow:

I haven't got my hard copy yet either, its probably somewhere on a boat in the middle of the Pacific headed this way.:foilhat:

I've been busy recently (correction my wife has) our daughter was born this past Saturday! :yipee:

mullet 07-03-2015 04:53 AM

Congratulations Issac! Time for a pay raise!!!

T_Hulse 07-03-2015 08:50 AM

Congratulations Isaac! Especially for the new family member. :)

Ron 07-03-2015 09:52 AM

I just read the TileLetter article online. Well done, Isaac!

Congratulations on the baby girl! :yipee:

dhagin 07-03-2015 11:13 AM

Congrats on the baby girl!!! :)

And the tile letter profile too! It's well deserved. :)

Richard Tunison 07-03-2015 03:22 PM

Very nice!! :tup2::tup2:

RussoTrading 07-06-2015 03:19 PM

Way to go Isaac! That was a great article and congratulations on your new baby!

Marge 07-06-2015 03:54 PM

A baby sister for the boys. 😀

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