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MTy 10-27-2020 07:42 PM

The Making of a Master Suite
Hello Everyone,

I have been lurking for a while learning how to properly build a shower, etc. I've got a major master suite remodel. The house was built in 78' and has the classic 70s vanity in the bedroom with carpet. That's got to go. The first attached picture is what it currently looks like, except it is a single vanity.

I've gone through a number of different plans but decided since I am turning unfinished attic space adjacent to the bedroom into a closet I might as well turn it into a larger closet by adding a dormer and taking all of the current space and turning it into a larger master bath. My original plan, which maintained all but a foot of the current closet, involved a tub and shower in a wetroom style space with too many waterproofing difficulties and would have been tight. Also attached is my current plan.

I will be hiring a contractor to do the master closet work, which will likely have to come first. Part of me wants to hire it all out but I just finished a major builtin bookshelf project and a complete kitchen renovation not too long ago. But I don't think the budget will allow for it so here I am.

My plan for the shower is to use kerdi board for the walls and do a mud pan with kerdi over it. I think that is going to be the best way for me to get as low a curb as possible. For the curb I am thinking cutting down some old pavers I have, water proofing those and then a quartz piece on top of that. I am getting ahead of myself just a bit but I am an obsessive planner who like to have all the details ironed out.

I think I've got a solid plan so far. Anyone see any functional issues with the bathroom floor plan? I am thinking of adding a shower bench too but not sure where it would go in the shower.



MTy 10-30-2020 05:58 PM

1. Discontinued tile question...

I found out recently that the tile I picked for the bath floor and really liked has been discontinued. However, a few places still sell it. Although I have no idea when it was discontinued. The tile is Daltile River Marble, Muddy Banks.

Based on y'alls experience how long does tile last after its been discontinued? I am probably looking at mid-January start date. The only reason I am hesitant to buy now is my isn't 100% finalized and don't want too buy way more tile than I need.

2. If I do go ahead and buy it I think I need about 120 square feet. That would be based on the plan above minus the shower size and tub but adding wastage, possible tile on the curb and tub deck. Does that sound about right?

3. Has anyone worked with that particular line of tile or large format tiles from Daltile in general? Any issues?

4. I currently want to face the sides of the tub deck with white oak. Maybe stain it but certainly finish it with something like polyurethane. My question is will that be ok for the sides of a tub deck that aren't in a wet zone?

This of course matters for #1 too because I'd cover it with the floor tile otherwise so would need more.

Thanks for the help.

MTy 11-08-2020 07:18 PM

Looks like I'll be doing the bathroom side of things myself. I am budgeting some for tools for the project because why not get more when I have a ready made excuse!

1. I am thinking a motor mixer, tile snapper (still researching a good but not too expense option) and this tile saw.

Normally I wouldn't touch harbor freight tools but the reviews are decent and I'll probably sell it on craigslist after this project. Anyone used it before?

2. Second. I found a hex tile I really liked for the shower floor, however it has some texture to it on a few of the hexes. I am thinking laticrete spectralock 1 premixed grout, flexcolor, or one of the other premixed grouts. Will I have any serious issues with the texture? Also am I setting myself up for trouble with 1 3/4 inch glass hex tiles?

3. Lastly, up to my question about the amount of floor tile I'll need for the main floors. Anyone see an issue with my math?

Can a mod light up my links for me please.

cx 11-08-2020 07:44 PM

1. I think you likely meant mortar mixer, but you'll need to narrow that down for us a bit. I know nothing about the Harbor Freight saw.

2. That would depend a whole lot on just what sort of texture we're talking about. A link to the tile would help (you can post links now).

3. I'd need more specifics to try that one.

My opinion; worth price charged.

smifwal 11-08-2020 08:00 PM

if you are going to harbor freight might as well pick up their stand up mixer. maybe that is what you were talking about in the first place.

I looked at your link to the "glass" tile they sure don't look like glass and the texture looks like someone set the tile upside down (probably not the case but that is what I would think if I saw it) If they are glass then I would say that you will have tough go nobody likes working with glass

What size are the floor tiles? when I google that name more than one size comes up. The size and lay out will play a big part in how much you really need.

I recommend a sigma snapper, While the wet saw is handy to have I would say 90 percent of the cuts I make are on the snapper. When I first started laying tile I never used a snapper, I had bought a couple from the box stores and they sucked it wasn't untill I read on here about the sigmas, used one and got use to that I now swear by them

MTy 11-08-2020 08:01 PM

Thanks CX!

Definitely meant mortar mixer. Have no idea what a motor mixer is, sounds dangerous. Was looking at the ones you've been linking. (This thing) Looks like they are popular and on back order. Fortunately I am a ways away from needing one.

Here is the link to the tile. Link!

Reference to previous question 3- I have found a 12x24 tile that I like and plan on using for my floor. Based on the floor plan in the first post I am thinking with a 100sq ft. of floor space when accounting for subtracting the shower and tub but possibly using the same tile to cover the curb I calculate that 120 sq ft. would be plenty of overage for a straight lay and accounting for the fact this tile has been discontinued so I want to make sure I have plenty extra. Basically I want to order the tile now before I can't find it anymore but don't want to get too much and definitely don't want too little. Will 120 sq. ft. be about right?

Edit: Shawn I am pretty sure its glass. According to Daltile anyways. I ordered a sample and it sure doesn't look like it is. Doesn't feel like it is either. But I am no pro. I did a glass subway tile backsplash a while back, wasn't too bad but I feel like a sheet mosaic like that is a whole nother animal.


smifwal 11-08-2020 08:20 PM

The mortar mixer is not what I was talking about when I said grab it at harbor freight, I meant a stand up mixer for mixing thinset bit you could use it with the mud mixer that you linked if you can get one in time for your project. Here is something similar you might try


As for your glass tile, I can't touch it from here but glass is a pretty distinct material, kind of hard to mistake it for something else. If we are not sure, I would treat it like glass, cut it will a blade that won't chip it, the appropriate thinset, and grout that won't scratch it

cx 11-08-2020 08:21 PM

Yeah, if you're not talking about mixing yards of mortar, that Bucket Mortar Mixer is really a useful tool. I don't know who owns or manufactures that tool these days, but the kid who created it was way too casual about making enough of them to sell initially. Hope it comes back in stock before you need one.

Absolutely the berries for doing mud shower floors.

Mathman 11-08-2020 08:48 PM

I bought that tile saw and it worked very well on the 4 by 13 subway tile I used. Was able to do all the cuts I needed.

joe--h 11-09-2020 11:45 AM

If I were you, I'd be watching CL for that tile saw you need and whatever other tools you don't have. Even here in the boonies of New Mexico decent tile saws show up on CL, why buy a cheap Chinese saw if you don't have to?

Joe H

ss3964spd 11-10-2020 10:40 AM

Cool looking hex tile, Eric, but not sure how I feel about glass floor tile. Any cut edges, like for around the drain, will be sharp so you'd have to dress them all. And yeah, the textured ones look like they'll make grouting pretty....interesting.

MTy 11-11-2020 06:48 PM

Thanks, Dan. My plan with these tiles is wait until I get all my various cutting implements and make some test cuts on the sample I have. If it cuts well enough and edges can be smoothed I'll go with it, otherwise I'll have to find something else.

MTy 11-24-2020 08:39 PM

Tile question.

I've found a 4x12 subway made by daltile from Homers, I know... anyways its special order and I suspect I can likely get the same dye lot and it may even come straight from the manufacturer.

My questions is regarding bullnose tile. Unfortunately I think I can only find 2x6 but I don't think that would look too bad.

1. Has anyone used different length tile for bullnose? Any pictures?

2. How would I go about making sure the bullnose is the same dye lot as the field tile? Or is that too much to expect to try to get from Homers?

Tool Guy - Kg 11-24-2020 08:47 PM

1. Yes, but sorry, no pics. If you like the look of what you find, go for it. If it looks odd to your eye, don’t bother with anyone else’s opinion.

2. It’s always too much to ask that bullnoses are of the same dye lot, as they aren’t made at the same time as the field tile. Sometimes, they aren’t even made in the same factory.

I’d want to see the tile and bullnoses before purchasing them, if possible. There are a lot of places to buy tile other than the orange store.

Have you considered using a metal profile instead of bullnose?


MTy 11-25-2020 01:21 PM

Thanks Bubba,

Unfortunately that seems to be an uncommon size and Homers is the only place I can find it locally without buying online and within my budget for this project. But the advantage to Homers is the return policy, so I can buy it and then have plenty of time to find a matching bullnose.

Lugs- I have never worked with lugged subway tile before. I installed glass 3x6 without for my kitchen back splash and used 1/8 spacers. That went quite well so I was going to use the 1/8 inch spacers again.

1. From what I have read I can still do that with lugs but may have some difficulty?

2. I plan on doing an offset pattern so its my understanding the lugs are useless anyways?

3. Any reason I shouldn't get tile with lugs?

4. I plan on using spectralock 1 or other premixed in a contrasting grout color, will the lugs give me any issues?

I've considered metal trim but its a last resort. Although seems like it would be the easier of the two options.

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