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02-19-2010, 04:31 PM
Its been awhile and everyone here was so very helpful way back when. I've tried researching my questions, but get too confused too easily, must be old age.

Question and concerns now for the shower and bath tile that was completed 2.5 years ago (had issues with the contractor at the time).

I need/want to reseal all the slate in the bathroom, first I want a super heavy duty cleaner - more to get rid of the old sealer, so I can apply new sealer, sadly don't know what sealer they used to begin with, just know it was not enhancing. How to do this and with what product? Plus there is a little bit of granite mixed in with the slate for accent - whatever I use to clean the slate will it etch the granite? How super duper do I need to go?

In the shower, the contractor that built it caulked over the grout lines in the corners and along the floor. This caulk has peeled and is coming off. It is colored to match the grout - or came in a color that matched the grout. In some of my reading it doesn't seem like you want to do both for this very reason of peeling. Why would you caulk over grout? Is it necessary? Do I need to recaulk? The walls are slate tile and the floor is rock pebbles.:scratch:


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02-19-2010, 06:53 PM
Hey Roxie,

To remove the old sealer (or what is left of it) you need to apply a stripper to your slate rather than a cleaner. There are more qualified individuals around here that may advise you on the particular product you will need - I'm not really a sealer guy (a problem I will need to remedy).

As for your caulk over grout the only (sort of) viable reason for someone doing that would be to install clear silicone over a caulked corner joint. More likely they simply did not take care or time to keep the grout out of that joint or remove it before using the matching caulk. Ideally you should dig out the caulk and grout and recaulk it.

Now if we can just get you to put a real college team mascot in your avatar there we'll be set to go! :D