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02-15-2010, 08:33 AM
One wall and part of my shower floor was destroyed by a leak through installed greenboard. See my pictures. I have removed the shower pan and part of the subfloor and some of the outside wall studs that were rotten. I now need to rebuild.

This shower has been open for two years, while we tried to decide what to do and I found time. I don't think there is any active mold left.

1. Outside wall studs - My house exteior is stucco with a layer of blue foam board between stucco and studs. I assume I am dealing with a fragile exterior and I need to be carefull not to create a hole in the exterior.
I could install new studs next to what is left of the existing rotted studs, or remove what is left of the damaged studs and replace with new studs.
2. How to best replace damaged studs -
- Should I attempt to glue the studs to the foam board, so the foam board is at least attached to the studs?
- Or do I just I remove the damages studs and anchor them at top and bottom and to each other?
3. Damaged Floor Joist - The oustide most floor joists that parallel the outside wall have about an inch or so of damage. I am considering just laying a new sheet of subfloor on top of the damaged floor joist. I guess I could cut out the damaged part of the joist and attempt to refill somehow. Suggestions?

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02-15-2010, 09:49 AM
1) Leave what you still have. Use screws to attach the new lumber to the old studs and sill plates.

2) Use a construction adhesive that you test for foam compatibility to secure the foam to you new lumber.

3) Sister the rotted joist to provide good wood for your new subfloor.

There's a recipe for mold killing solution in the Liberry. Treat all your old or rotted wood with it.