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02-13-2010, 12:49 PM

My name is Rick and learned a lot by reading on this forum over he past few months while I was researching for our bathroom re-model. Although we contracted out the most difficult parts (tub install, and hanging substrate in the "wet" area and tiling) we handled most of the rest. We love the finished product but there is one issue that bothers me. The Kohler hourglass tub pools water on the ledge! The tub is level and water drains from all 4 corners, but the middle has a thick ledge where the problem lies. (BTW - we had an earlier version of this tub in our old apartment and it pooled water on the ledge as well, but not quite as badly).

My guess the contractor (who admitted to me that he never reads instructions), made sure the tub was level, but did not screw in the tub flange in all across the studs (he probably just screwed the corners). The tile guy probably didn't pick up on it. I basically "GC'd" this job, so I blame myself.

I just wanted to get some opinions how serious this issue is (should I leave it?), and some potential remedies. I think if I wanted to address it (which I haven't decided yet), I could remove 2-3 layers of the mosiac to expose the flange, and try to push it up from underneath the subfloor and screw into the joists. I know the tile guy started above the flange first and came back to the flange area after he finished the rest of the wall. The substrate is Densshield, and it sits above the tub flange, and was caulked as well. I also used redgaurd on the screwholes & seams after I mortared them. My wife wanted the marble mosiac, so I felt additional waterproofing for the substrate was important.

As you can see my caulk job isn't the prettiest (hard to caulk small mosiac!), but it's doing the job well. The middle ledge sags about 1/8 from the corners, which in not that much. You can see the water pooling on the ledge there.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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02-14-2010, 07:15 PM
I think the cure would be worse than the problem.