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View Full Version : Armor Tile Vs. Tuff Seal PVC Tile Advice?

08-30-2009, 10:09 PM

I am helping a Church re-tile their flooring. They want to use a water-tight interlocking PVC tile.

They are considering using Tuff-Seal. This is a church so the budget is limited. Does anyone have any comparable water-tight interlocking PVC tiling that is cheaper yet comparable in quality?

I've been looking into Armor Tile PVC because it is cheaper and water tight and interlocking. They are both 1/4" thick.

Could someone give me or direct me to a comparison of the two? Does Tuff-Seal have features that make it more desirable even though it is more expensive?

Thanks in advance!!!


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08-30-2009, 10:54 PM
Welcome, Brian. :)

We're a ceramic tile forum and the material you're looking at isn't what our folks generally deal with.

Not sure about this "water tight" claim, nor why it's important to y'all, but I'd be a little skeptical.

And depending upon what sort of subfloor you're planning to install over, you might find you'll still need a good bit of preparation.

And at five bucks a foot for the material, y'all might very well be able to install a real ceramic tile floor for comparable dinero if your labor is free.

My opinion; worth price charged.