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08-29-2009, 10:48 AM
I have a room that had Armstongs 12 x 12's installed in it since 1964. I want to put down new ceramic tile. There is a black asphalt base mastic that was used to adhere the previous Armstrong product. I used a heat gun and a chisle to get all of the residue but there is still a shadow of the black product on the floor. For best adhesion do I need to grind the surface, or clean it well with a solvent and a wire brush. Also back in the day when this house was built the floor was hand troweled by the concrete finishers with a very very very smooth finish, will this also need to be roughed up or is there a roll on product that will create a medium thus allowing a bond and a cure to both of my problems??? If I have to grind it please tell me of the best method and tooling for the job.Thanks

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08-29-2009, 05:05 PM
I used this stuff in my basement floor 7 yrs ago I installed flamed absolute granite my concrete was smooth and had asbestos glue on it so instead of disturbing I went this route. I choose this material because the company I worked for before we used it to istall tile to steel on crusie ships so I thought it might work in my case so far so good.

Ultraset advanced I perfer original but i dont think they make it anymore

You can only apply as much as you can cover with tile in 72hrs as i understand it the cure is to hard after that and you wont be able to bond to it