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08-24-2009, 09:05 AM
Requesting this forum's assistance with my mudroom tiling project

Looking to tile a 6' X 6' mudroom--2X10 joists, 16"OC with 10' span

Deflecto says I'm good to go for tile--12" X 12" planned

Removed vinyl and underlayment (Plytec), and am now down to 3/4" OSB

Planning to use Ditra as my underlayment

Ditra 2008 installation handbook (page 4) calls for latex pc motar between OSB and membrane. On page 25, under additional notes, it says bonding Ditra to wood requires latex-modified thin-set mortar. Are these mortars the same? Do I create latex pc mortar/latex-modified thin-set by adding appropriate amount of latex additive in addition to water? I've seen the bottles of additive next to the bags of mortar, and assume these products go together.

Additionally, I'm looking to add a layer of 1/4" OSB on top of what's in place to help tile meet 3/4" hardwood in adjoining room. Just want to confirm that layering OSB is simply a matter of orienting the board properly(strength axis 90 degrees to joists), then securing to layer below with proper length screws (taking care to avoid joists when able)? I've seen some folks recommend/advise the use of a spreadable glue to help hold the "sandwich" together, but I'm hoping to avoid this.

Thanks for your help with these questions


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08-24-2009, 09:33 AM
hey keven the latex pc mortar should be the same as modified mortar.

as for putting a glue to laminate the 2 ply's together is;nt a bad idea. someone might come in and correct me tho

08-24-2009, 11:33 AM
some on the forums will recommend not gluing the ply to the existing subfloor
so you achieve an isolation effect for the installation. That said, I would glue
it with a trowelable adhesive so you have uniform elevation of the adhesive -- NO GAPS:D

Also, some will say to avoid screwing to the joists but if you are gluing it I can't see what the advantage would be . . . especially with 1/4 inch ply.

You seem like a very thoughtful and thorough individual . . . that will be very helpful doing tile work . . . it's not brain surgery, but approaching it like it is
can only be of benefit to you.

Keep up the good work and post pics of your progress so others can gain
insight from your efforts