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05-07-2009, 06:47 AM
Good Morning:

Ok, so i have polished carrera marble put on the floor and walls of the bathroom. The marble was sealed with 511 impregnator prior to be put down. The floor sat without grout for about 10 days (hunting trip) and then was grouted using Keracolour grout. That was yesterday. Grout is one day old...tile thinset is almost two weeks old...

The tile guy said that I shuold wait 28 days before I seal the grout with 511 impregnator. In the meantime, there is painting to be done and the pedestal sink to be placed as well as the toilet. However, I was thiking that I should seal the grout that is going to be "under" the toilet and "under" the pedestal of the sink and any other areas that will be difficult or impossible to reach once fixtures have been palced. That includes a radiator that will basically block off access to all the tiles in one corner of the room.

I know nothing about tile or grout. Should I wait 28 days to seal the grout? If I do, can I use the bathroom at all during that time? As mentioned, the tiles themsleves are sealed, but the grout is not. I assume I cannot take a shower before the grout in that area has been sealed...would that be true?

Any advice would be appreciated. The sealer itself is said to benefit from 72 hours of peace once set down. that seems reasonable and I can do that. However, the 28 days of curing for the grout priort o sealing seems long, The 511 impregnator says it allows for vapour of it's bragging points, yet the 28 day wait seems to suggest that they want the cement base of the grout to fully cure prior to application of a sealant.


Thanks in advance for your helpful advice


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05-07-2009, 06:49 AM
A month seems like way too long. The back of my grout sealer bottle says wait 3 days and then seal, thats what I've always done.