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04-29-2001, 05:35 AM
I have setting tile for seven years. I have recently gotten into shower basins. (within the last two years). I have a question on foot tubs though. The job in question is a steam/bodyspa inclosure made by Kohler. I have been reading and I believe that I can just carry up the membrane up higher and pack the wall up as if it were a curb, to form the foot tub. Here is where I start to get lost from the specs of the shower system the whole shower needs to be waterproof. If I install the membrane up the walls overlapping in the corners 6" and bond it togeather including the ceiling. Could I possiably run backerboard down to where I stopped the tub basin. Then use a topacle membrane sytem to cover the backerboard, screw holes and joints? I will be installing 12"X12" marble on the walls and ceiling with 1"X1/2" herring bone tumbled marble on the floor. I apologiese for the mispelled words and being a little long winded. I could really use some help and thoughts. Thank you

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John Bridge
05-02-2001, 07:52 PM
Hi Danzig,

I'm not really clear on what you want to do. Is the Kohler unit made from fiberglass, or what? What would the pan liner be used for.

If the foot bath is not too deep, you can simply let lath hang down and mud that section. I don't think I would try waterproofing the backer board and expect it to contain pooled water.

I'm still not sure what we're talking about, though.


05-03-2001, 04:07 AM
John, The Kohler unit is a high volume recirculating body massage/ waterfall faucet. It has a pump that throws the water 4 feet horizontaly. The unit hangs on the wall in the stud bay. The rest of the shower is to be built off of wood framing. The contractors are installing 3/4 cdx up 20" from the floor to be the backing for lath wall. I am wondering about the remaing areas of the wall. Kohler wants these walls to completly waterproof, this is where I am a little lost, I don't have any experience mudding complete walls. From what I have been reading this is the only way to get a water proof wall. I am wondering if I could get some advice on waterproofing the area of the walls above the 20" line.
Thank you

John Bridge
05-03-2001, 06:16 AM
Okay, so the pan material goes up 20 inches, and then you will continue with cement backer board.

You can use a brushed on membrane over the backer (and the mud, too, if you let it cure up a few days). There are a bunch of products that are compatible with thin set. Check out the following sites.