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dan stark
06-30-2008, 09:56 PM
Well A duo of friends managed to get ahold of an old hunting lodge in the Catskills mountain range around Monticello NY. The kookie place came fully furnished with all the stuff that came in the door circa 1920. I mean the chests and cabinets have old diaries and passports. I recently found a NY Times front page from 1937 with the crash of the Hindenberg on it. The guys that own the place luckily want to keep the place as original as possible.
Anyhoo, After putting in hot water to the place we discussed putting in a shower stall on the third floor. Now there is not a single pice of tile in the whole house so putting in some that matches the house is not congruent with the kind of aesthetic that they are looking for. However I managed to sell them on some distressed subway (the kind with the cracks in it). But they could not think of what to put on the floor. Being filled with wonder and excitement I remembered that on their property in an old bluestone quarry. I had been up there and saw some perdy slabs of stone and thought "why not make a floor out of a single slab of blue stone."
Excuse me for the story time, here comes problem time.
I have managed to pick out several 2'' slabs more than large enough to cover the shower floor. I also have torn out the subfloor and sistered 2''/10'' to all of the joists in the existing bathroom and did some blocking under the area where the shower stall is to go. I have also done some tests on scraps as to weather or not my poor little makita grinder can sculpt the stone so as to get an acceptable pitch and it worked. I also figured cutting the pice in half because the idea of setting a 140 lbs rock in a tight space made my finger worry for their life. I also got about a half gallon of bullet proof to seal the thing when its done. Have I missed anything here? Am I about to have an epic failure on my hands?

Sorry for the long story
two tone

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06-30-2008, 10:31 PM
Hi Dan, welcome.Am I about to have an epic failure on my hands?"
In many ways that depends upon whether you installed a pre-slope and what you used for a waterproof liner. I can't quite imagine how you created adequate slope to the drain with a 2-piece slab floor. I'd sure like to see a picture of that.


dan stark
07-01-2008, 06:29 PM
I'm thinking of using a pvc liner on the preslope. As far as the stone, the stall is about a 40''/42'' so I figure the way to do it is to grind out the pice as a whole thus being able to get a 1/4'' per foot slope on the thing and then cutting it in half (bisecting it through the drain) with gas driven stone saw. Thinking on it now I will probably have to shave the bottom of the stone so as to fit it to the preslope. Otherwise I could see having to put in a huge threshold.