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06-24-2008, 09:12 AM
I have been asked to repair a slate patio that requires reworking an attempted repair by someone who clearly didn't have either the know-how or experience to do the job correctly. Since I am new to this kind of stone work I need the knowledge. I've worked with blue stone and slate in dry use, but slate and mortar is a little beyond my experience. :blah: :blah:

I need to know standard procedure, plus 'what to do in this case' type of info.
There is a fare bit of cleaning to do of course, do i rent a power washer?
do I use thinset to get stones to bond to concrete?
there is a large stone step with little more than dust below it, which is obviously loose and needing to bear a steady stream of traffic.
The stairs are apparently held together with [what?] sand!
The job needs a pretty complete overhaul, and I need some friends to throw me a few bones of knowledge, I REALLY appreciate anything anyone can contribute.

I have more pictures than I am allowed to upload here, ask & I can send them.
Please see pics.

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06-24-2008, 12:41 PM
in my opinion the slate work and steps has lived its day. don't know if it would even be worth it to lift the loose ones, re set in mud and use the same portland & sand mix for the joints.

probably best to remove it all, frame and re pour a new solid step/footing, reset the slate and finish the joints.

someone with no knowledge of masonry type slate work like I mentioned above is limited to probably doing what the previous guy did, re pointing/filling the joints again. but with loose pieces the mortar will crumble like it is now without being reset on a solid foundation.

jmo :)