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02-28-2008, 08:30 AM
I've been scouring the forum for some advice and it has worked well. A lot of good information on here!

So we finally found a nice tile at a reasonable price and since it is supposed to snow all weekend I figured why not tile? My main question is with regards to anchoring the flange, I'll have it resting on top of the tiles since it makes more sense. The stack is 4" and had cardboard and plastic around it making the hole in the concrete around 6 inches, so there is room for the flange without chipping the floor.

So, to anchor the flange, should I use anchors/screws (which I have) or tapcons (which I don't have)? I was thinking to drill the holes where the grout lines are going to be and place anchors prior to tiling (using a template of course!). Is there a preferred way to lay the tiles when you have a toilet to work with? The two ideas I have are sketched below.


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02-28-2008, 08:49 AM
If it were me, I'd do my tile layout based on the walls - not the toilet base. You don't want slivers at the walls.

I'd cut the tile square an inch wider than the flange hole. Then I'd use a pt wood base or a scrap of Subflor or Dricore around the flange, shimmed up to the level of the tile. I'd do it this way bkz it's easier (for me) to work with screws/bolts in wood than in tile.

I'd use tapcons. But yr gonna have to rent or borrow a hammer drill to get the pilot holes.

But that's just me.

Some may say it's better to tile up to the flange and then use a ceramic bit and then a hammer drill to bolt thru the tile.

02-28-2008, 12:21 PM
Laid out the way I have them now does end up with the pattern on the left, by the center of the room. I was considering moving it up some so that there are no slivers at the wall, to have about the same size cuts on either end. This would make smaller pieces only at the door entry.

It's a small rectangular room, 7 long by 37" at the doorway (about 32 wall to wall). I'll have to look at the layout again.

I went to Crappy Tire to look at flanges and hole-to-hole distance is 6.5 inches. I'll remeasure the concrete hole, but if it is 6 inches then it doesn't really leave me much room to drill, now does it? The wood idea does sound like a good one.

Thanks for your input Prashster