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02-27-2008, 05:14 PM

Jason here. First time post. But an avid user of this forum. I've built 4 showers using this forum - My last 2 were Kerdi showers. So, first I would like to say thanks to everyone here.

Today, I ripped out the corian slab floor in my sister-in-laws house. Leaking after only about 3 or so years.

Besides the corian, the rest of the shower- wall construction and tile work seems quite good. The tiles are next to impossible to remove. There is cement board covered with a good thick coat of red gaurd and then tile. I did not find any water marks on the vertical walls. All leaks seem to come from the corian base and where a screw was in the corian covered Curb to hold the big thick 10 mil glass door.

My question is, how high in terms of tiles, do I have to rip out? Just the lower half-tile down along the base (See attached photos), or more... or (oh my god) all? When I take the tiles off, the cement board comes with it... eventually. Nasty work.

If I can get away with only taking off a row or 2 of tiles at the bottom, how do I make that seamless / waterproof?

Perhaps I can just pry the cement board enough to work a sheet of kerdi up an inch or up behind the cement board and 2x4s - a sortof waterfall effect... and then wrap the kerdi down over some plywood. I was thinking I could put in plywood to replace where the cement board once was.

Perhaps some combination of kerdi and red guard?

If I only rip out half a wall, and put in kerdi over the cement board, will new tiles be protruding more than the existing?

Suggestions? Thanks Everyone!!


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Scottish Tile and Stone
02-27-2008, 05:48 PM
IF your going to do a repair ( I personally wouldnt) You need to take off a min. of 2' of wall tile. Take the CBU with it. You would have to put in a presloap of deck mud, followed by the liner. Put your CBU back on, and finish the deck mud. Then retile.

02-27-2008, 08:30 PM
oh boy, so that's one no vote on the repair job idea. darn... any other votes?
(thanks Scott).