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02-27-2008, 12:16 AM
So I am installing a new tumbled stone tile shower for my parents and I am having some trouble with the shower pan. For the pan itself i have installed in order #15 building paper over the sub floor, then galvanized metal lath, then 1 part cement to 5 part sand prepan sloped about 1/4 inch per foot, then pvc liner. I then placed the drain and used tile spacers around weep holes to keep them from getting clogged. Then I put down some more deck mud, then more lath, then a little more deck mud. My two concerns are first, when I tested my pvc liner, there are two low spots the hold total about 1 cup total of water once the water stops seeping into the weep holes. Is this going to eventually cause major problems? Secondly, my top level of deck mud crumbles in areas and I dont know if I can simply try to patch it with new mud after I scrape and shop vac out the crumbling sections or if I need to totally redo that layer of the pan? Im thinking that i maybe need to put a higher ration of cement into the next batch of mud and maybe make it a little moister to get it to pack tighter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to get this right so neither myself or my parents ever have to worry about it.

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02-27-2008, 12:30 AM
Hi Logan, welcome! You can use some thinset to fill in the "bird baths" and shop vac the loose stuff and skim that too. You should have avoided putting in mesh in your top layer of mud. It is not needed.