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02-25-2008, 09:46 PM
I have 90 sq. feet of 12" sq granite tiles to lay for coutertops and then several bathroom renovations and then who knows what. I've been looking at the mk 370-EXP and felker tm-75. I'm renovating an old 5500 sq foot house so they won't be used on a continual basis. I'm looking for advice on which is a better saw for this type of application. Any info would be greatly appreciated! I'm leaning a little toward the tm-75 at this point.

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02-26-2008, 12:04 PM
I have no experience with the Felker but I own an MK 370 myself. I have used it to tile one kitchen backsplash (45 sq ft), four bathrooms (floors and tub surrounds - maybe just under 1000 sq ft total), a bathroom vanity counter, and a kitchen floor (100 square ft). It is a simple saw and has always done what I asked of it. I only paid about $280 for it and it has been more than worth the expense. It has quit working on me once, so I took it to a local repairman. He had it fixed in a day- said the "brushes" were shot and replaced them. He recommended blowing the motor unit out with compressed air as often as possible after using. I'm just a DIY'er and have been happy with it. Many people swear by the Felkers but if your not using the saw to make a living, this MK should fit the need. Just my 2 cents. - Jimmy.

02-26-2008, 12:22 PM
I fall into same category as Jimmy above in experience but I use the felker instead, athey about $299 non-sale, so they pretty close in price I guess. It's been a dream saw for me so far and expect it should continue to be based on users of them.

Only gripe and I knew it going in was the fact real big tile would give me some problems. There is a workaround that works but slows ya down some.
Thats why they rent them big ol' saws --- the emergency 18x18 tile job. If I was a Pro I'd do it differently and buy them both,, a huge honker and a 75 for most of my work.
The TM 75 ain't leaving me until my body is cold :)