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02-25-2008, 01:47 PM
Hi i am about to install 700 sq ft of homedepot cheap 12 inch slate my plan is to install the tile as flat as possible and later grind down lips that are to noticeable with an angle grinder and a diamond blade. Is this a good idea. I am also planning on using 1/8 inch joints any help would be great

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02-25-2008, 03:15 PM
Hello, welcome to the forum. :) What should we call you?
Spot-grinding the surface of slate is not a good idea. The face is usually not polished or honed, but cleft, so you'll never be able to match the natural texture & remove the swirl marks. It will really stick out like a sore thumb. With slate, it's best to take the time to get each tile as flat as possible as you set it. This often takes thicker mortar and using a medium-bed mortar instead of thinset. Usually more expensive slate will make this easier.

I'm moving your thread to the Advice forum, so you'll be able to find it there in the future, or through the redirect placeholder we'll leave here. :)

02-25-2008, 08:36 PM
I bought some guaged indian multi colored fromHD and was quite impressed with it. As far as square, about like the rest. Consistancy was good and the color was impressive.

02-25-2008, 08:37 PM
Live set! Lippage hurts on slate and it slivers! Hire a pro!

david bassler
02-25-2008, 08:48 PM
Slate lippage is quite easy to remedy.

An orbital with 50-80g to the transition area, then finish with 120-220g. An angle grinder is better with metal bonded diamonds.

02-26-2008, 04:24 AM
Don't know about grinding down the slate, but then again I've never seen it done. Didn't think it would look too flash.


02-27-2008, 11:45 AM
yeah i think ill try my angle grinder with diamond blade the lippage is very minimal i am laying the tile as if it were a work of art. I am taking a ton of time sorting and picking which tile will work best where. This is the price i must pay for getting 12 inch slate for a 1.25 a sp. ft then im up for the challenge

02-27-2008, 12:08 PM
I was game for the same HD slate deal (a buck 25)...just finished my entry and it worked out great. I opened 7 boxes (70 sq ft) to find "the right" tile for a 35 sq ft space....allowed me to take out the few tiles that were really thin and hide em in closet, under stove etc... used delorean grey grout from HD w/ additive..jury is still out until it cures another day and i seal it, but it may be a tad lighter than i wanted. I also sealed the slate 3 coats before grouting- made it "easy" to wipe the grout off.....also...make sure to have an old toothbrush handy to clean the grout out of the divots.

03-20-2008, 10:09 AM
thanks for the advice ill give the toothbrush a try. another trick i used was i took a dewalt diamond blade used for grinding mortar in between bricks to cut my grout lines so they would all be uniform. i did this after laying them and was a little disapointed by the differences in grout line size it worked really well. i cut while my wife followed closely with the shop vac to collect the dust. i think a better idea would have been to set up a jig on my tile saw and cut every tile down from 12 inches to 11 1/2 so that they would all be square. however i am very happy with the results.

03-20-2008, 10:10 AM
also after sealing, the spots were i grinded the lips are completely unnoticed

03-20-2008, 10:22 AM
a GC went thru a slate floor I set and hit some spots on the edge of the slate with a wood chisel and hammer to "bust" off high spots in the slate. (This slate product was one of the worst i've seen when it comes to its gauge).

His method actually seemed to work, i couldn't even tell where he did it and where he didnt.

This was all done after it was set but prior to grouting.