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Greg Thomas
02-23-2008, 08:00 AM
With excellent guidance from all of you I was able to tile my shower about a year ago. It still looks really nice and everything is adhering nicely. Many lessons learned tiling a vertical surface as my 1st tiling job, lol.

PROJECT 2: Now it's time to do the kitchen floor. The floor is concrete and currently has the self adhesive, vinyl tiles on it. I am planning on removing the vinyl tiles but need to know what i should use to remove any adhesive residue left on the concrete once the vinyl tiles are removed.

Once I choose a tile, tile size etc. I will come back and ask more regarding joint spacing etc. Thanks for all the help, Greg

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Brian in San Diego
02-23-2008, 08:05 AM

Use a 4" razor scraper to remove the glue residue. It's labor intensive so if you have a lot of it and a large area you may want to scarify the slab. There's a couple ways of doing that. Let's see what you're up against once you have the tiles up.


02-23-2008, 12:02 PM
Taking up the glue can be a tough job sometimes. The scraper usually does a good job, other times a floor machine works good, like a floor buffer. Home Depot rents them and they also have the course sand paper. It can be a dusty job though. :)