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02-11-2008, 11:31 AM
II am doing a tub surround with a design layout on the rear wall.

The rear field is 6.5 X 6.5 on a diagonal and the two side walls are 10X13 in a normal course pattern.

I have the tile and have laid out the pattern of the frame and the diamond inserts. 38 " wide works out pretty good with half tiles in the field. I might go the same height or maybe one more course. (It works out to 9.5 on the diagonal with the grout.) Both the walls will be finished on top with a 3X10 bullnose.

My thoughts were to work the side walls up from the rest of the room. When I get the finished height on the side walls. And then work down from the top on the back wall till I reach the top of the frame, then finish the frame, then finish the back field down to the tub. I believe the back wall will work out to about a half tile.

All suggestions are appreciated!!!!!!!

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02-12-2008, 06:05 AM
Is the pattern a BACK WALL ONLY pattern or do you have matching sidewalls?

Standard tubsplash 30 x 60 x 30 or is it an Oversize tub replacement like a 36x60x36 or 36x72x36?

Do you have carte blanche on the design work or has this been spec'd y the designer?

I Generally do Back wall and use my cuts to continue my pattern through the corners for any standard 45 typ design ( as MOST do ) But a change up from 45 to rectangle??? Thats going to be REALLY Odd.

Youve got diamonds & Squares on 1 wall and rectangles on the ends?? hmmmmm....... :sick: