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Marko F
09-20-2001, 11:38 AM
I just purchased some Ditra, which I'm going to use in 3 bathrooms, a foyer, and a landing. (Bri, you convinced me). Ditra is not a big seller in MA, I have instuctions for installation form the Ditra website, but I just wanted to know from some experienced Ditra guys if there is anything alse I should know, tricks, things to watch out for, etc.

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Rob Z
09-20-2001, 08:49 PM
Hi Marko

I like DITRA a lot. I just make sure the floor is clean, and I snap lines to guide where I trowel the thinset.

Mix the thinset loose (more liquid than normal) and trowel it out and quickly get the DITRA in place.

Go over the mat thoroughly with the flat side of a trowel and firmly bed the DITRA in the thinset.

It's really very easy. In no time you'll be a pro!


10-04-2001, 10:17 AM
Rob, for an total amateur like me, I doubt I could tell if I were "mixing it loose" or mixing it some other way. Is it possible to actually measure the proportions of powder and water to get the right consistency (e.g. 4 cups powder to 1 cup water)? You know, like baking a cake(2 cups flour and 2/3 cup milk)?

Rob Z
10-04-2001, 02:55 PM

that recipe will vary by brand and type of thinset, and on other factors such as temperature. Contact Schluter for their Ditra video. In it, you will see Peter Nielsen, technical director for Schluter, installing the product. It shows how loose "loose" really is.

By description, i would say "loose" is loose enough when the thinset runs off your margin trowel. but that description is open to interpretation, so I'd recommend the video.

If you are in the Mid Atlantic area, contact your local tech rep (Larry Horton). His email is : lhorton@schluter.com.

Larry is a great guy, really knows the tile business. and he's one of the few guys I know that can drink more beer than me.