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Frederica Venn
06-24-2007, 09:55 PM
I have a question regarding the use of "Fevricol" to increase the strength and adhesion of concrete. I am constructing a series of outdoor mosaic stepping stones. Is it the same as a PVA (Polymer Vinyl Adhesive) or an Acrylic or EPA (Epoxy Polymer Admixture? The mosaic will be composed of different tiles, glass, etc, and must sustain a variety of severe weather conditions. Extreem cold in winter, heat in summer, and the potential pounding of six thousand children's feet!
I am working for a school in Srinagar in Kashmir, and have problems with
communication and supplies, not helped by the fact that I am female and
only speak English. Though I have worked in England at similar work.
I am constructing a child's interactive and educational concrete mosaic
garden 'Spiral'. Which will compose of 14 rectangular slabs of 14 inches
by 21 inches and 35 square 14x14 inch slabs. These will be mosaiced with
broken tiles, glass, stone chips etc. Hopefully depicting the English alphabet
and the Urdu alphabet, (Kashmiri is not a written language),and appropriate words and symbols, and a little Hindi too.
The political situation here is very tense so importing materials, of any bulk,
even from India is a no no at worst and unreliable at best.
Our computors are constantly failing so I may take a few days to check my
mail, but it is urgent. This also hampers research. Does any know what materials are available here? With 'brand names'? My budget is generous enough to look for the best components. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from someone. Frederica.

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06-25-2007, 09:14 PM
Sounds like you have a tall task.. Good luck on your project.
I'll bump ya up a little... Don't know about the materials you are working with but hopefully someone will on this Forum... :)