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01-23-2003, 11:23 AM
I've been lurking around this site for about a year now. Preparing to do a shower install this spring, and have learned an incredible amount from you. Done lots of wall and a few counters/backsplashes...time for bigger and really expensive things...hope it's better.

I'm going to be in Houston in a couple of weeks, and would like to visit your store (?). I've been to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy, where are you from there? Do you do retail sales on such things as niches, etc? Can't find a local vendor up here, and might be in the market. Probably could stand to pick up a copy of your book as well. That way, I can balance off the shelf, where Michael Byrnes' book sits.....but it's way on the other end!

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01-25-2003, 10:41 AM
Hi Hazmat, no store but you could buy him a beer! ;)

John Bridge
01-25-2003, 01:53 PM

I don't have a store, but I'll sell you anything you want to buy. :D

Where is "up here"?

I don't know if I can make it on the same shelf with Michael. He likes to do everything by the "book."


01-26-2003, 02:35 PM
hmmm....don't you mean "BUY the book!?" ;)

01-27-2003, 01:22 PM
...coldner'n he** right now. S.E. Iowa, but I get to Texas fairly regularly. This is work related, but I always try to fit something interesting into any business trip. Some of the things others take for granted are just not that widely available here in small town Iowa.

For example, shower pan membranes, and associated dams. Can't find 'em, and you might say, just go to H.D....great, closest one is 2 hours one way...and that one is in a relatively small town in Illinois. Local plumbing supply house actually knew what the "2-piece clamping style drain" I wanted was, but had never actually seen one or ordered for ANYONE! They did get me one, however, they don't even have a supplier for the membrane, but he's looking...

Tile stores in the area (at least 3, so far) I've check with, nobody's heard of Ditra, but at least one gal had actually heard the name Schluter....

Oh well, I just keep plodding along, gathering my supplies months in advance of when I'll need them, so that hopefully I have everything accumulated by the time I get started.

Just thought if there was a store, I could stop in and visit and introduce myself. Thanks anyway.

Sonnie Layne
01-27-2003, 02:15 PM
I don't know John.... the guy's name is Hazmat... you might reconsider :D:D:D :bonk: Could be an EPA agent investigation all that thinset that's showing up in the canal. Hey, just lookin' out for ya :)

01-27-2003, 02:18 PM
Heck Man Iowa's in the tropics:) Cmon up north sometime so we can get you acclimated :D Grand Rapids MN was a balmy -6 degrees this morning with 30 below wind chills. Almost a good day for fishin :D

John Bridge
01-27-2003, 05:45 PM
Give us a first name, hazmat. ;)

If you need something, let me know before you come. As you probably know, Houston is not really a tourist town, but we do happen to be the largest tile and products port in the U.S. It it's not in Dallas, it's here and visa versa.

If you need Ditra, there are people here who will ship you some at cost. Ask and ye shall recieve.

Just don't ask for free beer. We'll run you off. :D

01-31-2003, 08:08 AM
Sorry for the delayed response, but hadda work for a livin'. Actually spend more time in the safety/enviro./insurance/haz mat field (name's Matt) thus the nickname. Remodeling is a sideline, for some cash and actual enjoyment.

I promise, I wouldn't sic the EPA on ya' (they don't even have a reward system, anyway LOL).

I may be in the market for some Ditra, it may not be necessary. I'll look into that a little later in the project. Getting the whole basement measured for carpet this weekend (except the bathroom, which has to wait for a little higher cash flow). Normally, I'd just install in myself, but I'm out of town the next 2 weeks, and Momma's getting anxious. It will be nice to just come home, and it's done, I guess.

Thanks - talk at ya' later.

Matt Clark

John Bridge
01-31-2003, 07:11 PM
Let us know if we can help, Matt. :)