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03-05-2007, 10:28 AM
I have two re-grout jobs: One in the shower and one on the floor

The shower is 6” white tile with a matte finish, 1/16” grout lines with white grout, plastic floor pan. It has a handful of spots (maybe an inch long) where the grout has come out. I also don’t know what’s behind the tile or if it has a proper water barrier. The grout is a little dirty and yellowing in a few spots, but not moldy.

1. Which is the proper way to clean the grout: Scrape all the grout lines to remove a ‘V’ indentation and then re-grout? Or use a cleaner like Miracle to clean the grout lines?
2. I’ve used epoxy grout in the past on shower walls. I’m pretty sure the old stuff isn’t epoxy grout. If I re-grout is it proper to use an epoxy grout over the old grout as long as I have a ‘V’ indentation from a grout removing tool?
3. If epoxy grout isn’t recommended over the old grout, should I use a non-sanded grout?
4. If I use a non-sanded grout will a sealer even work on a vertical surface? It seems to me the sealer wouldn’t even have time to penetrate the grout with gravity fighting against it.

The second re-grout job I have is on the bathroom floor. There is a 3’ x 4’ area where the tile is loose and creaks. I haven’t taken the tile up yet, but I’m assuming the subfloor is uneven or the cement board isn’t attached properly. I’m going to have to remove the 3’ x 4’ area of tile, fix the problem underneath and then lay down new tile and re-grout. I have matching tile, but the problem is the old grout (in the surrounding area) is dirty and not white any longer.

1. Again, is the proper way to clean the grout to scrape all the grout lines to remove a ‘V’ indentation and then re-grout?
2. Or could I get away with cleaning the grout?

Thanks in advance,

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03-05-2007, 08:04 PM
Hi Topaz. Dirty grout can be cleaned up although it probably won't clean up to look like new. Any places that you want to regrout, take out the old grout first, spreading new grout right over the old grout won't work. A Dremmel tool with a grout bit will take out the grout, be carefull though.

Usually loose tiles and grout on a floor tells us there is too much movement in the floor. Of course you'll want to fix this problem first before regrouting or ti will just come out again.

03-05-2007, 11:49 PM
How long will the dremmel bit last if I go slow? I have about 110 sq ft of 6" vertical tile and about 100 sq ft of 6" horizontal tile.