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03-04-2007, 11:05 PM
I'm planning on dropping my sink for a "tiled under sink", but am at a loss for the Rondec around the edges. I wanted the brushed stainless steel, but the cost of the Sink corners is out there somewhere! :(

My sink is a brushed stainelss steel, so thought the 304 brushed would be a good bet. Dave Taylor told me the Aluminum looking like Stainless is great, but it doesn't come with the sink corners or in the Rondec. Only inside and outside corners. Now I wonder about the Brushed Chrome over anodized alum. It is much cheaper. Will it hold up? How about the Brushed nickel over anodized aluminum? Will it hold up.

Now I I'm looking at the Dilex AHK to make the transition between my tiled countertop & backsplash, but need some help regarding the edges. I will need 1 connector for the run behind my sink, then should I use end caps :shrug: where the ends of the Dilex stop?

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