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John R
03-02-2007, 09:47 PM
I'm in the way advanced stages of planning a bathroom remodel. I'm planning layout while spending time looking at tile. Since it's my own bathroom, I'm concerned with both initial installation of shower/floor/bath etc. as well as long-term living with and maintaining it.

The issue for me on tile has to do with natural stone like Travertine vs. porcelain. I've only put ceramic tile in my house so far, but like the natural stone look. But I also know some ceramic looks very much like natural stone.

I read a lot here about problems grouting travertine or any tile with holes/texture.

So, from those who work with it and from those who live with it--any advice? For someone who does not love doing extra work is one preferrable to the other for installation as well as long-term maintenance?


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03-02-2007, 10:58 PM
John it really depends. I have travertine and limestone/marbles on every surface I can get it on in my house. I would have no problem with soapstone floors if I had another floor. But I don't mind the scuffing and scratching...I like the patina. Stone has been everywhere in Europe for centuries, in many cases it hasn't been cleaned in a hundred odd years, and it's fine...It's just that you can't expect it to look "perfect" for long in the real world. And the rest of the world understands that...
But we're Americans and we like things a bit different. Low maint. and durability are definetly the bonus to ceramic and porcelian tile. To me these don't feel like they "age right"..

No real wrong long as your expectations of the material you choose are realistic and consitent with what you want.