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03-02-2007, 10:11 AM
First off.

Fantastic Forum! I've read thread after thread, printed page after page and bought the book. Don't think I could have tackled my bathroom reno without this place.

Thanks to all members who contribute.

Better Bench Installation question

I’m at the PRE-tile stage for a walk-in shower. Durock ½” CBU is the substrate on the walls. There are no studs convenient to anchor the BB using the supplied screws. In the BB guide it shows hollow wall anchors used when mounting the Better Bench AFTER tiling in a situation where no studs are convenient. That lead me to believe that hollow wall anchors should be used with cbu AND tile for support…meaning the CBU may not be strong enough alone.

1) Can I use the hollow wall anchors through the Durock CBU PRE-tile stage?

2) The 24" Better Bench corner holes (1 1/2” from corner) also just miss the corner studs due to the ½” of CBU in place…hollow wall anchor won’t/may not work there as the anchor won’t be able to expand properly…too close and just missing the corner studs. Will the mounting holes in the middle and outer edge of the Better Bench be sufficient? (at 8.5" and 15.5" from corner)

See attached image. Studs are red. Better Bench is set out the ½” allowing for CBU. Measurements are bench mounting holes as measured from the corner of the bench.

Thanks in advance.

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03-02-2007, 12:05 PM
Welcome Mediaman,, Got a first name we can call ya?
I can assume your cbu is already on the walls? If not just add a few more 2x`s in the right local with the BB holes. If not & you want to put the BB on pre tile, I`ve had no problem with there expandable ancors in cbu or sheetrock (I use Kerdi ) & as far as the pre drilled holes in the corner of the BB not matching with you corner studs, nothing says you can`t drill a hole in the BB to accomodate your studs & put the expandables in where there are no studs , I do it more times than not. Try to follow there instructions as close as possible to attain the max strength ,which I think is 400 lbs .
I`ve done it both ways ,pre tile & post tile & post tile is by far the most conveniant & user friendly. Just remember to use plenty of silly cone in the holes before you put the final ancors in & i always run a heavy bead on the back side of the BB before I put it on the wall which ever way I go.

Good luck!

Mr. Overkill
03-02-2007, 12:26 PM
Hi Mediaman,

I myself am a DIY'er about to install a Better Bench and have been on the phone with the tech support people at Aquafit to ask simular questions.
The Durock itself is sufficient to mount the Better Bench.
All the support is in the vertical plane.
No, leaving the 2 corner support screws out is not recommended.
If need be, drill new holes in the Better Bench to attach directly to the stud or just far enough over to allow the toggles to open on the anchors.
I would preferably mount to the stud if their is room for your drill to obtain perpendicular in the corner.
If the new hole you drill is butted with old hole, you can use a larger fender washer to cover both holes. Just make sure you buy corrosion resistant stainless steel washers.

I hope that helps.
By the way, we all use first names around here.

03-02-2007, 03:51 PM
Thanks Lou432 and David,

I appreciate the response. Yes CBU is already in place...

I did email Innoviscorp as well and here's their official reply.

Yes you may use the hollow wall anchors in all holes available to you. Also, in the corner where the stud may be to close to expand the fastener, insert the sleeve anyway- this will allow you to use the fastener screw- just do not over tighten-in fact- you do not need to tighten the screws beyond snug anywhere in the installation. Once the tile is installed, it will "lock in" the entire installation for permanence.

Mounting to the face of the substrate (as you are doing) is the optimum method for installation.

Looks like I just mount it with the wall anchors per normal including the ones tight up against the corner studs. I just don't crank those wall anchors tight like I would the others.

PS: The name is Doug. :)

PPS: I now have new respect for the pros who can do a complete bathroom reno in a week. As a DIY I'm at weekend #5 and just starting the tiling. But it's fun.