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01-06-2003, 06:52 PM
I'm about to start 3 tile projects in my new house. Actually none of them involve tile. I'm putting down a slate floor over concrete slab, a marble shower and granite kitchen counters.
My first question is about the slate floor since that's the project I'm starting with. I had my wife pre-seal the slate so the grout wouldn't stain it but on some of the tile she sealed front back and sides instead of just front and sides as I instructed. Will this cause adhesion problems? Do I need to try to get the sealer off the back somehow? Any concerns about slate floor in a bathroom. I already talked her out of the slate shower (after finding this board) so I need to let her have the floor. Just want to be informed of any potential problems I may want to address sooner than later.

Second question: The shower will be 12x12 marble. There is a prefabed synthetic marble pan in place. The walls are green-board as we were originally going to use the synth. marble there also. Should I rip out the green-board and start w/ bare studs or do I just go over it. The GB overlaps the lip of the pan by about an inch and it has a wide enough shoulder around to allow for the thickness of the backerboard and tile etc. Should I put a vaper barrier in first?

I've learned a lot here in the last week just reading/searching posts. This board has already changed my mind on two things I thought I would do - A slate shower and polishing the edges of my granite - not sure as the latter yet.

Thanks for any help


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01-06-2003, 07:31 PM
Bryan, I've learned from reading the posts here that you definitely want to rip out that greenboard and put in 1/2" CBU.:D