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01-05-2003, 06:14 PM
I just finished applying a bead of sanded caulk between the top of my tiled bathroom vanity and the wall. When I removed the masking tape from the wall the tape took chips of the paint off of the wall with it, exposing the cementboard. It looks like I will need to apply a skim coat of something to smooth over the wall before I repaint. Would regular drywall mud be OK, or should I use something else, like thinset? I have not had any problem with the paint peeling there before this, and now the caulk extends about 1/4" up the wall so I do not see any problem with the wall getting wet in the future.

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01-05-2003, 06:30 PM
Since you are planning on painting the surface, I would recommend drywall joint compound. It is very easy to work and it doesn't sound to me like you need a waterproof substance. Just apply the compound with a 4 inch spackle knife, let dry overnight and sand to a smooth surface before painting.

If you need to mask a painted area in the future, try using the blue tape. It doesn't rip off the paint as easily. The problem you described happens a lot with newly painted drywall and flat paints. Eggshells, satins and semi-gloss paints don't tear off as bad. The problem also happens when you use cheapo paints. I stay away from Behr, because that happens a lot. Try Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams. Stay away from low end brands.

Also, try to pull the tape away when the caulk is still wet. What I do is smooth with a wet finger, peel off the tape, then smooth once again (lightly) with a clean wet finger.