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02-11-2007, 12:52 PM
so we decided to bid on a re-sale in NC. it was built in 1991 and has a tile tub surround in the hallway bath and a tile shower with acrylic pan + soaking tub with tile surround. All the tile is pretty standard 4x4 white. My guess is that both surrounds are on a mud wall because of the use of cap tile and the fact that it protrudes about 1" or so from the surrounding sheetrock. If I want to change out the surrounds, would I just cut the tile and whole mud job out? It is hard to find cap tiles and they are expensive. Would it be better to just cut it out, and start from scratch or try and remove the tile and spare the mud wall and settle on a tile that I like that has cap tiles? Can you tell I am ready to start remodeling, lol?

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02-11-2007, 12:57 PM
I think it depends on the layout and type of tile you want to use.You will save money on mudcap if you just rip it all out and redo with cbu, but it's not much savings on a small bath.I would say a total ripout would probably be easier than surgically removing tile, and repatching the mudbed,honestly,but not cheaper,and you'll also need access to put in new shower valves, which i would do...so there you are. :goodluck: