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View Full Version : Tile over tile or Tile over existing SLC?

02-07-2007, 12:08 PM
I have a small bathroom (5x7) that I am planning on re-tiling with 6"x6" tiles. The bathroom has a reinforced concrete sub floor and has ~1.5 in SLC over the sub floor. The tile is 1"x1" and ~30 yrs old with no cracking. I have read some of the threads that says its ok to tile over tile as long as you have a solid base, which I think I have. I think this might work but I am worried about it raising the floor too high and the I would have to worry about water running into the hallway if there were an overflow in the sink/toilet.

The question I have is can I remove the old tile while keeping the existing SLC in place? What issuse might I have if this is possible? Has anyone out there done this before?


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the tiling Machine
02-07-2007, 12:46 PM
If you r sure about a solid floor I would install tile over tile with a good bonding thin set.
I say that if youíll have a leaking toilet or faucet youíll be having water running into the hallway no mater what..
Iíll be more concern about raising the floor and then not having enough clearance for the entrance doors or not matching the level of your adjacent floors

Ciao Sandro.