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09-04-2001, 02:53 PM
Ok, if you remember me I posted questions concerning floor tile. I am the ceramic guy. I did an irregular broken border around 12" floor tiles. I am snapping digital photos tonight and if somone tells me how I will post them here. I will discuss the floor further later.

My question now is this:

I do not plan to live in this house more than two more years. Bought it really out of invesment opportunity. Been there 7 months and have 25k plus in equity. Got a great deal. It is in a starter home neighborhood. Most are cookie cutter homes that had basic nutral vinyl floors, generic cabinets, and creme colored countertops. My question is does anyone have advice for colors for countertop tile? I guess I need something that almost anyone would like since I plan to sell the home soon. I am doing work not only to raise the value but to be at an advantage when trying to sell. Any suggestions? I am not a color person but a shape person.

As a ceramist, I do have the facility to glaze tile in almost any color. However, tile companies do an excellant job keeping up to date with color trends. My position is I think I should stay pretty nutral with the color even though I would like it to have something more than the drab/dull look.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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John Bridge
09-04-2001, 04:02 PM
Hi Mark,

Once you get the photo files into your computer, change them to .jpeg or .jpg in your photo editor. Now, if you have a website, upload the pics to a directory there. Then you can post them to the board. Instructions are located at:

If you have no way to upload them to the Internet, send them to me via an Email attachment. Ask me for directions if you don't know how to do an email attachment.

I'm not a color guy either. I do know it's crucial, though. I once had a customer who bought a house that had a cobalt blue backsplash in the kit. She absolutely hated it and had me change it to, of all things, Hunter Green! The next owner will tear that out for sure. :)

Just keep it neutral -- off white, very light gray, bone, almond, cream.