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10-12-2006, 03:47 PM
i've done a bit of searching around here and found answers for the most basic stuff. what a fabulous board!

here's the long and only slightly informative story--
we bought a new house a couple of years ago. to keep our purchase price reasonable we went with the cheapest flooring options. recently one of our children was diagnosed with a disorder that, among other things, makes her very susceptible to respiratory problems. so we started ripping floors out. originally my husband had planned to do this during a schedued vacation but the next one of those is nearly a year away.

so he's been helping with the heavier stuff at night but this has largely become my project.

we started with a bathroom because it seemed manageable. i approached this project with hesitation and fear. imagine my delight when i realized--oooooooh--this is FUN!

so now i have a blank concrete slab downstairs begging to be tiled. i was just getting ready to mark chalklines when :idea: maybe i can use these tiles to help me deal with the wonky layout of our downstairs. the layout makes me nutty because it is hallway-ish in the living area.

i'm considering laying part of the main living area on a diagonal to break up the rooms without having to add walls or anything. another thought i had was to stagger the rows by half but i can't figure out which ones would make the room like wider. it would be so not fun to lay all the tile then realize i have made the room look even more like a hallway.

oh-mighty-tilers...please tell me what you would do.

two more important tid-bits--
1) we have a rather large family so that little nook area is but a joke. we prutty much use the living room from the turn into the kitchen back for a dining area and have a loveseat and two chairs in what became a tiny living room. fortunately there is a second living area the size of this one upstairs so the problem is mostly visual.
2) we aren't financing anything so we're sticking with 12 inch tile.
thanks in advance for your insight :).

i guess there's a third issue, i can't seem to insert an image on the board because when i enter the script i get a "no url" message.

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John Bridge
10-12-2006, 04:49 PM
There is a fourth issue. You didn't give us a first name. ;)

I strongly advise you to slow down and learn how to do a continuous layout througout the various rooms. Doing the job a room at a time will not give it the professional look that all DIYers should strive for. :)