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10-09-2006, 04:19 PM
Hi All,

Grouted Bathroom Floor With Polyblend "bone" Sanded Grout: Dried Very White, Assumed This Was Efflorescence.... Washed/agitated With 50/50 Vinegar And Water, Which Got Rid Of The White, And Left A Tolerable "beige" Color. Now Testing Some Sealer. Put On Aquamix Color Enhancing Sealer, Because I Want To Darken The Grout A Bit, Overall It Looks Good, But Doesn't Seem To Soak In Evenly, Many Areas Where Grout Doesn't Seem To Get Wet When Brushing It On And It Never Soaks In. Also Tried Aquamix Sealers Gold Choice Which Is Supposed To Not Effect The Grout And Dry With No Sheen Or Darkening, Interestly, Where I Put That, All The Grout Dried White Again, But Now Its Sealed. Please Help, What Do I Do Now???? What Do You Suspect Is Going On?

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10-09-2006, 09:12 PM
Hi Mark :)

Welcome to Custom's Polyworld of Grout! :crazy:

It's not uncommon to run into uneven shading with this grout manufacturer. If the grout doesn't wet out evenly when dampened, an enhancer will do the same thing.

How much grout did you seal, and with which sealer (you mentioned two)? How long did you let the grout cure before sealing? Did you do a flood rinse after cleaning with the vinegar/water solution? Or, did you neutralize the grout with ammonia and water?

Can you post a picture? :shades:

10-09-2006, 09:31 PM
hello again, i posted pictures last week, do a search and you'll find our last string of communications, I started a new thread b/c the last one went dead and no one was responding.

anyway, i let the grout dry about 7 days, both sealers mention were applied where the vanity cabinets will be, so i am basically experimenting in a concealed location. as i mentioned, its odd the sealers choice gold when dry makes the grout look all white again, like before the vinegar wash. when brush on, it looked good. the aquamix enhancer sealer, made it look darker (which i like), but it doesn't soak in evenly. to answer your questions, i did a light wash with water after the vinegar brushing and wet vac'd up immediately. no ammonia was used.

- why the uneven uptake of sealer and/or water. in previously unsealed grout?

thanks mark

ps. the cardinals are looking pretty good in playoffs , eh?

10-09-2006, 09:41 PM
Mine was Custom Bone and in my first thread here I was screaming and weeping and running around naked trying to find the solution. I went as far as to chisel it all out and redo, and to then see it reapear in my face. Ahhh! I noticed though with this particular brand and color that if I chiselled out a dark region it wasnt just on the surface but would extend through the entire thickness and be all a darker color. I had to go back and use the grout colorant. Aquamix makes a custom bone color match. Not exact but definately better. Use the Tek variant instead next time. Custom bone has discolored on me two different times now. Never again. Good luck.

Here's my thread- note the frustration, and general whininess.

And here's the before and after of the Aquamix. But keep in mind the before picture is not a year old, but a couple of weeks old. Dried that way.

10-09-2006, 09:55 PM

how did you resolve the issue? i see no one responded last march. did you end up painting, or sealer enhancer? when sealed did it soak in evenly? thanks mark. (you can see pics in the "porcelain tile sealant" thread from last week)

10-09-2006, 09:59 PM
general question for all,

- is it fairly common to see uneven sealer uptake in fresh grout? ie, when wetting, do you pros commonly see some areas that don't seem to get wet in the grout line? if so, what do you do about that? MA

10-10-2006, 06:26 AM
Hi Mark :)

Didn't see the picture's, but then again I didn't go searching for them. I always request to stay on a single thread for the same issue. If you don't get a response, bump the thread yourself.

Grasshoppa stated that he used Aqua Mix Grout Colorant to resolve his problem. From what you are describing, I suggest you do the same.

What is done to resolve the problem? Use a different brand grout. Why does it happen? I don't know. Can it be fixed? Maybe with a stronger acid.