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08-28-2001, 11:54 AM
I am a DIY. I have been using CBP's Master Blend Thinset with Latex modifier for setting the tile in a new shower. I am ready to start the shower floor with Dal-Tile 1" Porcelain sheets. I understand I should be using a Thinset especially made for porcelain at this juncture. The big boxes don't carry porcelain thinset and I am having trouble finding a Tile store that does as well. Can I use the modified thinset I am currently using or should I not settle for anything less than approved porcelain thinset?

One more thing. I have about 140 SF of tile already set in my bathroom remodel. I have been very meticulous to set all the tile straight and flat with 1/4" grout lines. Even though everything didn't turn out straight and flat, it looks pretty damn good before the grout goes up. Can I expect the same observation after grouting or will the grout magnify all my mistakes?



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08-28-2001, 02:14 PM
I recently installed tile for the first time. 12"x12" ceramic on a small bathroom floor. It wasn't perfect and I was kind of worried about how it would look after grouting. I happily discovered that the grout seemed to mask instead of accentuate the imperfections. I just hope it has the same effect on the walls that I'm tiling right now.

John Bridge
08-28-2001, 02:59 PM
Hi Dano,

Yeah, if your tile looks good now, it'll look even better when it's grouted. Grout hides/obscures a multitude of sins.

Any modified thin set works for porcelain. The Custom Blend mixed with latex additive works too. I don't think anyone makes a thin set specifically for porcelain. Of course, now that I've said that, somebody'll come along and make a liar out of me.

08-28-2001, 03:32 PM
Hey John, Thanks for the reply. Mapei makes Kerabond for porcelain and Custom just introduced a thinset especially formulated for porcelain. I called Custom and they recommended VersaBond (your favorite) and FlexBond. Looks like I am ready to go.

BTW, I just found this site after hanging out at Michael's site for the last 8 months. He is a little more, "In your face" but I have followed his instructions to a tee for fear of not waterproofing something. LOL


John Bridge
08-28-2001, 05:24 PM
Mike and I started out as adversaries but have become friends. I promote his book, and he bad mouths mine. :D


08-28-2001, 05:51 PM
Dano, a grout color close to the tile color (within a couple of shades of the tile color) will "blend" the floor down better than a highly contrasting grout color.

08-28-2001, 09:36 PM
I thought that as long as you use the liquid additive it makes it into a porcelain thinset.

08-29-2001, 10:59 AM

Your right, liquid additive with non-modified thinset. Or, just buy a modified thinset with the ingredients already in the bag in powder form and add water.