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10-25-2002, 04:22 AM
My husband really likes the spray paint idea. It sounds like something I can do myself. Which is nice. He even volunteered to remove the sliding glass doors for me so I could do it properly. He's not very handy, so it'll be something to watch.

First things first though. I better replace my ventilation fan in there. The old one hasn't worked since we moved in. My dad replaced the fan in the other bathroom and he just about burst a blood vessel in the process. Since I am between floors there is no crawl space, and he had about ten inches of space inside my ceiling to work with.

Sometimes I really think we should have bought a house!

Hee hee!


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Bud Cline
10-25-2002, 03:11 PM
This post is a carry-over from this thread by Sheryl:

Sheryl if you would keep your comments a little closer to or in the original thread it would be easier to follow them. :)

New topics, new thread is OK but it's hard to keep up otherwise.

Thank you:)