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08-20-2001, 12:32 PM
The laminate counter top in our home, curves up from the counter into a backsplash. While I'd like to keep the laminate counter top, I'd like to make the backsplash a tile one (those larger tiles, not the small "shower" type ones.) My question is, should I go ahead and put it over the laminate or will it look like it "protrudes" too much where it meets the counter, or is there a way to cut the laminate where it starts to curve up onto the wall and seal the seam? Thanks!

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John Bridge
08-20-2001, 04:19 PM
Hi Brandi,

We usually apply half-inch sheetrock (drywall) over the laminate to more or less engulf the curve. The problem will be where the splash ends. You'll have to use a corresponding quarter-round (A-106) or a radius bull nose (A-4200) at the edges and at the window sill, too, if you have one.

Go down to Master Tile on 43rd Street (between Hempstead and U.S.290). The people in the showroom will help you, but your installer will buy the tile. Master Tile doesn't handle retail customers.