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09-30-2002, 08:57 AM
Hi everyone

I have a small tile design question. I am going to install a Kohler corner shower receptor http://www.us.kohler.com/onlinecatalog/detail.jsp?frm=1&module=Shower+Receptors&item=484502&prod_num=9569 . I have 6x6 inch tiles that I want to put up to the ceiling height in the shower area, and then continue all around the bathroom at a height of 4 feet or so.

The distance from the finished floor to the top of the shower curb is 4 inches, so I am faced with cutting the bottom row of tile to this height (actually, a little more to allow for the gap above the shower flange) and then tiling normally above. This would prevent a little sliver of a tile on the first row above the receptor.

So, it all boils down to: Is it bad to have a bottom row of tile shorter than the rows above? (approximately 4 1/2 for the first row to 6 inch to the second)

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Another thought, I am putting 12x12 tiles on the floor, so maybe I could cut these into 4 inch by 12 inch pieces and use this for the baseboard and then tile as usual above that. I'm not sure how this would look though.



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09-30-2002, 12:00 PM
A cut tile along the bottom is fully acceptable.As far as running tile around the perimeter of your bathroom.First and foremost.A residential wainscot looks best at between 39 and 42 inches.A little over or under is fine.Be sure to check the height on your light switches and vanity outlets etc. You need to be either ubder these or over. Do not let your layout fall in the middle of a recepticle.

As far as using a cut tile as a base,I have done it and depending on the combination of tiles it can look good.
I would not however do this if your 6x6 and 12x12 are not compatible for sizing.You will need to layout floor and wall together to keep lines consistant. Of course this is just my opinion and i like to stick my neck out to see who will throw the first trowel at me :D