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04-06-2006, 09:07 PM
I am building a new shower 32x60, mud floor (used Johns recipie of course), with the block & mortar bench on the end; 18x18 Travertine tile, cut to smaller pieces for floor. Walls (cement Board) are up, curb is in, ready to mud, etc. Will use frameless swinging door and stationary glass panel. Planned to have shower walls flush with bathroom walls, but many pics show a short "wall" into the door area, sort of like a curb on the wall.
Question is, can we just leave the flush walls or do we need something to deflect water from splashing out? If need the frame, how far must it project into the opening from the wall?
The forum has surely been a lifesaver for me on this first tiling project!!! Thanks to all! :clap1:

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04-06-2006, 09:56 PM
You don't need the "curb" on the wall. They just are handy if you are not going to use a shower door. If it will have a curtain the curtain can slide behink the curb on each side and keep water inside better. That said you don't need it. Think about all of the tub/showers they don't have a curb and work just fine.
Good luck