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03-06-2006, 12:02 PM
Okay here is my situation:
-Currently building a house in Kansas City, Mo
-It is a two story with the Master Bed/Bath above the garage
-I will be doing the tile work in the house and I am planning on heated floors in the main floor area (not shower area)
-I have decided to use a kerdi membrane in the shower and a 1/4" fiberrock between the 3/4" plywood sub floor and the floor tile

The questions I have:
1. what thinset should be used under the fiberrock and under the floor tile? I will be placing the tile warming device between the fiberrock and the tile. I have used the Kerabond/Keralastic system before and wouldn't mind using it again. (please provide brand, subname, and if it is modified or not)

2. what warming system do you recommend? I am currently looking at either Warm tiles cables or a Warm Your Floor wire spool.

3. what mud bed material should I use?

4. what thinset should be used for the Kerdi? (brand, subname, modified or not)

-also by brand and subname I mean: mapei, kerabond

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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03-06-2006, 12:34 PM
Welcome, Eric. :)

1. You usually don't need anything but a decent quality unmodified (dryset) mortar to bed a CBU (or similar). Check the manufacturer's instructions for Fiberrock, I'm not familiar with that board's instructions. If you like Kerabond, you could use that without the additive.

2. Lotsa choices, lotsa opinions. I know you can get very good customer service from our friends at Warmly Yours (add at bottom of page) if you want to do a mat-type installation.

3. If you're talking about the shower, use Deck Mud as described in the Shower Construction section of our (Liberry). If it's for your first Kerdi shower, I'd strongly suggest a ten-dollar investment in John Bridge's Kerdi e-Book.

4. Schluter says unmodified. Your Kerabond would work. Many others, too. Some people like to use Custom's VersaBond, but it's slightly modified and Schluter doesn't recommend it. I use it. I like it. Laticrete's 317 unmodified is very good, too, in my experience. And Schluter will approve of that. :)

My opinion; worth price charged.

Chris the Rep
03-06-2006, 04:40 PM
Where are you getting your tile? Knowing that, I may be able to help you with installation products in the Kansas City area...


03-06-2006, 08:06 PM
More than likely the products will come from a daltile distributor (through a wholesale membership club to remain nameless), but the tile I was looking to use just increased in price significantly so I may be looking for other sources. The tile I am looking at is Daltile, Gold Rush, Fargo Grey currently I can get it for $2.29 for a 12" x 12". Up from $1.30 two weeks ago, this takes a quick bite out of the budget.


Levi the Tile Guy
03-06-2006, 08:37 PM
wow a dollar hike in a few weeks. Dang fuel prices.
As for the mud under the fiberock any unmodified will work. I use fiberock all of the time and have used pretty much all non mods. under it. As far as that goes use grey also it is generally a buck or two cheaper. and mix it pretty wet, but where it will still hold a trowel.
As for the floor warming I don't know brand names, but I have installed a lot of them. I don't like the one that can be bought at Lowes (the orange net with blue wire).
For the tile use a modified thinset. ie. mapai ultra flex 2, Hydroment pm, Customs Versabond, etc. And if you are using a light grout, use a white thinset for under the tiles.

03-07-2006, 05:59 PM
do you have any news on the suppliers you were mentioning, I am always interested in saving money if possible.

Also, for any one who has info the floor heating system I am considering is WarmWire by Sun Touch. Have any of you used this product? If not do you know someone who has some insight on the quality and other factors I should consider, if so please point me in the right direction


03-07-2006, 07:02 PM
Eric, perform a search using Warmly and Yours and Nuheat as the argument. Twenty-two posts will be returned with some excellect information on electric radiant heating systems.

03-14-2006, 02:02 PM
If I am going to use a cable type (instead of mat) radiant floor heat do I need a cbu or can I attach this to the subfloor, poor self leveling underlayment and then tile over it?

Also will the cables be compatible with the lath installed on the subfloor before the slu?

For Clarification: I am wondering if:

1. prime subfloor
2. attach lath
3. route and attach cables
4. poor slu
5. thinset and then tile

03-14-2006, 02:03 PM
Also on another note, is a level 4 hardness rating good enough for bathroom floors and showers.