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07-27-2005, 07:46 AM
Hello All, Newbie here, lurked for awhile to learn as much as I could and man have I learned alot! Came very close to making a "mastic mistake" in my stall shower. Good news is I realized it before I started to tile, bad news is that I already bought a bucket of it from a place that won't take it back... oh well, $35 lost but HUGE lesson learned!

I am remodeling a small master bathroom and am ready to start tiling once I get the layout squared away.


1) I'm using Versabond modified thinset for an 8" x 8" tile (approx 1/4" thick), What is the correct size/shape trowel to use? I'm thinking 3/16" V-notch for the wall and 1/4" square notch for the floor. What size for the ceiling in the shower??

2) Layout... I am planning on doing the walls first up approx 42" from floor including listello border and bullnose. The top of the shower base for the stall shower is approx 5 1/2" higher then the floor height. When laying out the tile from my 42" mark DOWN I ended up with a 3" tile at the base of the shower which I do not think is enough. Not happy with that, I am now attacking this from the bottom UP. Does this make sense? :twitch: :crazy:
Should I make my bottom row of tile outside the shower the same height (5 1/2") to get me to a full tile inside the shower and continue up? Is there an easier way to lay this out? The 42" height is being used to "hopefully" get the border tiles to just under the window ledge.

Sorry if the last part of this is confusing anyone, tough to explain.

Thanks to all!

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07-27-2005, 09:18 AM
Welcome, George!

Use the 1/4" notch for everything. Backbutter the floor tiles if you don't get full coverage.

If the listello border carries into the shower or the grout lines are visible from both sides of the shower door, then cut the bottom row in the shower as necessary. If you have a visible and logical break in the two areas, then you can set full tiles in the shower.

You can use mastic on the walls outside the shower if you want. ;)

07-27-2005, 09:32 AM
Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, the listello's carry into the shower area. With my original layout the bottom layer of tile in the shower would only be 3" which I am not too happy about. I would prefer a close-to-full-size tile... back to the drawing board.

Everything else so far fell into place, so if this takes some extra time to get right, I'm more than okay with it. Thanks again!