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05-08-2005, 06:17 AM

Specs: 3/4 osb, 16" oc, 2x10, 12 foot span (8 year old house). Room size is roughly 12 x 28 kitchen, hallway and bathroom off kitchen.

I am planning on tiling w/ a 12x12 porcelain.

I have put 3/8 ply over the 3/4. I have screwed everything down per spec. I will be putting ditra on top of the 3/8 ply then tile.

So, my question is, do I need additional bracking between the joists. Note, I do have the wood X bracking already in place at about the 6' mark of the 12' foot span.

I am guessing the answer will be that I am all set but never hearts to check w/ the experts.


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05-08-2005, 06:37 AM
You should be fine w/o blocking. Your floor meets the L/360 deflection criteria w/o the add'l layer of plywood


05-08-2005, 10:11 AM
Thanks Jason,

I was pretty sure but why not double check w/ the experts.

Thanks - Matt