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11-10-2004, 09:09 PM
Hello. I'm new to this forum and I already have enjoyed this site a great deal. I would like to finish off my basement bathroom. Currently, there is a roughed in drain for a bath (Shown with a black Oatey tub box in black in the photo), and a roughed in toilet hole. Here is what I would like to do. I want to be able to install a cornered off Whirlpool tub directly across from the (roughed-in black drain), and I would like to use the existing (roughed-in black drain) area, for a seperate shower. The problem is that I don't have a drain hole for a tub across the room where I would like to put my cornered off whirpool tub. Do I need to bust up the concrete? :sick: How big of a hole do I need to bust up? Is there a way to bust it up nicely? Can I tie a pipe from the corner location (Across from the black roughed in area) to the (Black roughed in area)? Help, I don't know if I can tie into the existing roughed in hole. Where do I start? This question might take a couple of months, as I feel I am going to need help all along the way, from plumbing to tile. The wood working part of projects is a snap, but the plumbing is a truly difficult thing to conquer, your expertise would be greatly appreciated. :bow:

Thanks, I look forward to your response.

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11-10-2004, 10:16 PM
Welcome, jsc. :)

Yep, you gotta bust concrete. Where? Well, wherever you want drain pipe.

The black box-out isn't in the right place for the shower drain, anyway, so you'd need to move it some. Fortunately, the correct place seems to be about in a line to the new tub drain. You'll need to cut a trench between the two drains, install a trap under each drain, and connect the drain lines somewhere downstream of the shower drain. Ain't no need for the bustin' out to be neat, you're fixin to just cement it all back in and cover it up with tubs and showers and such anyway.

But the bigger question may be the vents. I don't see any vent pipe coming up for either the existing tub drain nor the toilet drain. What am I missing? And you'll need to install a vent for the new tub drain, as well.

Is the drain pipe in the existing box-out a 2 inch diameter pipe?

My opinion; worth price charged.

11-10-2004, 11:52 PM

Thank you for the quick response. Your making me reconsider this. The black box has been set in preperation for a tub. Instead of moving the black box could I put the whirlpool tub above the black box? Then as you say I would need to dig a trench between the black box and the other side which could be the shower. How do I know where to put the new drain? Does it need to be a foot from the wall or only a couple of inches? I have included another picture which shows the rough in plumbing for the sink which must drain down and meet the tub pipe going to the source. As you can see the pipe also goes up the wall and it must meet the main vent which goes out the roof. I don't know if the pipe within the box is 2", because I can't seem to pull the box off, its some sort of plastic. Am I supposed to cut a hole in it, or tear the whole thing out? As far as digging a trench, what would I use to break the concrete (Jackhammer, sledge hammer)?

Once I did the trench, is it correct to say that I will tie the shower drain into the tub drain? What types of pipes and fittings do I need, I don't know my plumbing pieces all that well so a trap is jargon to me. Is a trap just a "U" shaped bend in the pipe? Do you have any pictures?


11-11-2004, 01:00 AM
You want the drain for the shower to be as near the center of your pan as possible. It just makes things easier, otherwise the slopes to the outer walls are different and one of them could be pretty steep.

11-11-2004, 08:16 AM
Draw a scaled layout of your room and current piping, and then use scaled cutouts of your tub and shower, arrange them over the plumbing layout. You will see how much work you'll have ahead of you. You'll be able to try different arrangements and fixture shapes. Do this with paper, 'cause the real things are heavy.

11-11-2004, 08:44 AM
I agree with all of the advise of the responding posters. You will need an additional vent which you can run up the wall and tie into the lavatory vent. Your new drain will tie into the 3" main line that runs from the toilet. You will connect with a 3 x 2 wye. Look in the toilet hole to see which way the main runs. Do not set your tub and whirlpool traps until you are reading to set the fixtures. I cut out pieces of cardboard and lay them on the floor to plan ideas. Allow 30" side to side for your toilet.