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11-08-2004, 11:18 AM
i've embarked on my first big project - complete bathroom remodel. my questions are for the tile-in shower i am putting in to replace the tub.

what i've done;
1. framed the shower (WITH BENCH). the shower is enclosed by 2 walls and open (will be enclosed with glass) on the other 2 walls.
2. HOT MOPPED the ENTIRE shower floor along WITH BENCH (front/top/open side)

my questions;
1. whats the best way to tile the bench? im thinking backer board.
2. if i use backer board, do i use it on the top, front and open side?
3. how do i slope the top of the bench? with shims?
4. what do i need to do in order to seal the fasteners used for the backer boards?

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John Bridge
11-08-2004, 05:29 PM
Hello. Please give us a first name. Also, registration allows you to post pictures. ;)

I don't think there's a good way to use backer board over hot mop. You'd have to use metal lath/chicken wire and mortar. You could just screw the backer board over the hot mop and then plan on waterproofing again over the backer board using something like Redgard from Home Depot. :)

11-08-2004, 05:41 PM
thank you for your help. taking your advice, i will now use chicken wire with the following steps;

1. secure it to the entire back face of the bench (open, no wall, water will not see this face)
2. pull it over the top and front side of the bench. i will use staples (on the back face and on the front going no lower than the curb for the front and caulk all staples) to secure the chicken wire
3. also secure the chicken wire to the right side of the bench (exposed side, again, will not see water. left side of bench is against wall)
4. close the back face of the bench with 1/4" hardiboard (there will be chicken wire between the bench studs and the hardiboard on the entire surface, this will allow the hardiboard to be even).
5. use mason mix and float the 3 chicken wire covered surfaces of the bench as well as the 1 hardiboard covered surface of the bench.

do you see anything problem with this method?

thanks for your help in advance!