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mike matheson
07-02-2001, 08:47 PM
I have been discussing this board with my girl friend and am pleased to say that i may be able to get out of the dog house with your help on my grout problem.

seems as though your recipes have distracted her long enough to the store and try to find river stones to cook last nights speed bump on. what can i say, she's blond.
anyway, it can't be worse than last nights grout soup she made me eat for messing up the bathroom grout.

in response to some of the comments to my grout problem.

i used 12 x 12 ceramic slate-like tiles approx 1/8 inch apart with bucket mastic on durock.

i was told that sanded grout was for floors and non-sanded was for walls.

was also told that muratic acid would get the grout off of the tile, but i didn't want to create a draft by burning a hole in the wall.

maybe you would be so kind to give me very specific directions to grouting wall and floor tiles, from how to mix to final cleanup.

if not, thanks for the laughs anyway. you guys have been extremely helpful


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Bud Cline
07-02-2001, 09:41 PM

Technically years ago sanded grout was considered floor grout and unsanded grout was considered wall grout. That was when it was illegal to use anything but 4-1/4" tiles on walls. 4-1/4" tiles only have a 1/16" grout gap so unsanded grout works fine.

Now days anything goes. Everything imaginable is being used on walls and I think that's great. The thing is, the wider the grout joint the more fill that is required, this fill is sand. To use unsanded grout in wide gaps is trouble and wide gaps on walls is even bigger trouble.

As far as specifics, its very easy. Soups don't work on walls or floors for that matter. The wetter the grout, the more the grout sags and then there is too much shrinkage when the water evaporates. Thick dry pastes don't work that well either because the grout will set before you can tool the joints and you can get voids you don't want and that's a real bummer. A guy with little experience can lose a grout job pretty quick if the grout is too dry.

Grout tends to flash (dry) faster when thinset was used then when bucket mastic is used. The moisture gets sucked into cement board faster than hardi-backer when thinset is used, hell the variables go on and on, but this really isn't that tuff. Additional manufacturer specific information is available on the packages.

Whatever the problem, we can fix it, if you've got big enough stones.