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07-31-2004, 04:24 PM
Stair steps into a living room and the like are often tiled right up to the edge. When you have a lot of elderly or disabled visitors that can be dangerous because a fall onto such an edge can result in injury. In Europe they had quarter-round extrusions of polished brass with a grid extension that is embedded in the thinset under the tile (similar to Schluter-Schiene or Schluter-Reno). Looks cool and makes the stair step very visible. I have not found that here though.

The usual quarter rounds would look nice, too, but I am afraid their bonding will fail. Most people step on the edge with one foot and that places 200lbs or more onto just a couple sqaure inches. Also, quarter rounds are mostly not available for porcelain floor tile and the ceramic stuff wears off.

Is there anything suitable to create a nice rounded edge on stair steps?

Regards, Joerg.

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07-31-2004, 05:09 PM
The SHulter stuff is available here. Many tile stores carry it, as does (only with a limited variety) Home Depot.

07-31-2004, 05:26 PM
Yes, they do, but only the versions for going from a tiled area to carpet, from tile to hardwood and similar situations. They don't sell the large round corner extrusions. Except for a white plastic version which isn't strong enough for stair edges. Strange thing is, they aren't on the Schluter web site anymore either.

So, I am looking for alternatives. I know they use some of this stuff in aircraft. Usually in the galley to prevent injury if things become turbulent and someone bumps into a corner. That's all aluminum though, not brass, and I wouldn't know where to buy it anyways even if we settle for that aluminum.

We had a couple folks lose their balance and fall. But the stairs are carpeted now with lots of padding underneath so nobody got hurt. Now we want to tile that area but keep it safe in case of such a fall. Round corners would be easier on wheelchair tires, too.

Regards, Joerg.