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06-25-2001, 06:43 AM
I considering to tile 600 sq. ft of basement floor.

I am considering a cheep tile for only .99 cents sq. ft. from Lowes since I have so much sq. ft.

I have heard the going rate is $5/up per sq. ft. to have someoen install it. I am hoping I may be able to get this reduced to $3/sq. ft due to the quantity and the fact that it is a cement basement floor install.

Alternatively, I am consider taking a class at a retail store called the "The Tile Shop" who sells tiles in the $2.69-3.59 sq. ft range that are acceptable?

Any general advise as I begin this new adventure?

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06-25-2001, 08:17 AM
Installation prices vary by locale, and by the sound of this, having basement and the Tile shop, which is a Minnesota based company, I'm guessing you are in the Midwest.

The 1st question is, is your basement floor suitable for ceramic tile?

Will your floor absorb moisture? If not, it will need to be scarified to get below the sealer/curing compound that was applied.

Are there any cracks? and if so do they have one side higher than the opposing side?

Using low cost tile may or may not be ok. What you need to concern yourself with is the impact strength.

You have made a very wise decision in seeking additional advice on a very important project for your family.

Keep in touch with this forum through out your entire installation process.

Good luck,

Art Phenis

John Bridge
06-25-2001, 03:52 PM
Hi John,

If the classes are given by tile setters and not salesmen, then I'd go for it. (Sorry, Art. You know what I mean.)

Art asked some good questions about the basement. Can you give us a little more info?

06-25-2001, 06:20 PM
Don't listen to DIY stuff from salesman and don't buy any thing from contractors. I say it all the time. LMAO!!!!!!


John Bridge
06-25-2001, 06:39 PM
What's LMAO? That some kind of secret salesman code?

John :-)

Bud Cline
06-25-2001, 07:15 PM
"Laughin' My Ass Off".


06-26-2001, 03:26 AM
I learned it from a wannabe!!

06-26-2001, 06:00 AM
Hey Bud,
You gonna tell John what "YDA" means? LOL

Bud Cline
06-26-2001, 07:47 AM

John Bridge
06-26-2001, 04:23 PM
You gonna make me ask?

Bud Cline
06-26-2001, 04:38 PM
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Bud Cline
06-26-2001, 04:41 PM
Hey John?

How about adding another forum just for Trivia and BS and Fun. Maybe some of the threads wouldn't get so sidetracked if we had a sandbox to play in.

Derek & Jacqui
06-26-2001, 07:05 PM

Enschuligen Sie, bitte. See we even show you respect!!!

Bud Cline
06-26-2001, 07:15 PM
"OK", ifya ouya ay-sa o-sa. "HUH"!

06-26-2001, 08:59 PM
Hi guys,

Yeah I'm addicted to the net tonite...

I wanted to offer some advice to the gentleman interested in the 99cent tile from Lowes ( or any other place for that matter..)

I did a "small" bathroom job for a "friend". Two big mistakes since no job is small and the job didn't pay much.

O.K., back to the subject. Our local Lowes had a surplus of tile, some for 79cents, others for 99 cents. The "friend" purchased approx 100sq ft of the 99cent tile to be used in a rather high traffic area.

As I was installing the tile, I realized the tiles were irregular and quite thin compared to the $1.50 tiles . Some were slightly larger, others smaller than the 12" spec'd dimension. This make it tough to maintain nice uniform grout lines. In addition, when cutting the tiles on the knife, a large percentage broke. I was able to use a wet saw and get through the job but it was quite frustrating

My advice, buyer beware. You get what you pay for. A little more money upfront will save you great pains in the future