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08-09-2019, 02:25 PM
I am currently working to add a shower to my friends basement bathroom. He was hit by a drunk driver and won't be walking for a year or more so getting him a shower will be clutch. We are space constrained with respect to getting the wheelchair around obstacles so I'd like to go curbless wet room style bath. I've done a couple dry pack showers in my own home, because I've always had a curb but since it's curbless I was looking at the KERDI-SHOWER-TT 1" thick shower pan.

My question is, since I am already knocking out a portion of the floor, does it make sense to remove the whole 36"x48" footprint of the pan down to dirt and repour so it's 3/4" less than the existing floor to even the ditra -> shower transition, or would you guys bring up the rest the bathroom with SLC which the last time I used can only be described as difficult to corral.

Edit: The clicky floor and tile are already taken up, and the cutback mostly came off with the tile, the rest scraped right off.

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08-10-2019, 12:02 AM
Welcome to the forum, John. :)

Instead of trying to build up the whole room, would something like this (https://www.schluter.com/schluter-us/en_US/Shower-System/Prefabricated-Substrates/Schluter%C2%AE-KERDI-SHOWER-SR/p/KERDI_SHOWER-SR) work for your situation?

08-10-2019, 09:43 AM
I thought about that but since the hump would have to go around both sides, I was worried the hump extending 20" or so into navigable space would cause issues with wheelchair. I'll mock it up today and see what it looks like.

08-10-2019, 08:18 PM
Since i assume you will be tying into that 4" cast iron drain stack I say cut out the whole shower and sink it. And I don't think 3/4" is the right number.

08-10-2019, 08:27 PM
The 3/4 they recommend is assuming that you are going to use a 1/4 in backer board and that the tile you are going to put in the shower is the same thickness as the tile you are going to put on the floor outside of the shower. I made the mistake of not explaining my plan to the rep the first barrier free shower I did and got to use my mud skills to bring up the floor in the bathroom area. I would do the tile outside of the shower to get you a solid hieght number and then subtract the thickness of the tile,thinset mortar,thinset mortar under the waterproofing, and the tray itself.