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08-05-2019, 06:57 AM
I am in the process of installing a shower using a custom KBRS base and I was looking for recommendations along with advice on a few questions that I am hoping to get some help with. I've attached a couple of photos to help. I am putting 4" tile in and was originally planning on 1/8" spacers. As I did some initial layouts I found the edge of the drain is 8-1/2" from the wall. My next thought was to do 1/4" spacing instead due to the distance from the wall but as can be seen in the side view photo that leaves a steep pitch on the tile next to the wall (due to floor truss location the drain was offset in this position). I'm looking for recommendations on how to tile this. Do I leave 1/4" spacing and leave the tile as shown and just add a bunch of extra thinset in the gap under the tile next to the wall? Is 1/4" spacing too large for 4x4 tile? I am assuming that it is a bad idea to have the tile hang above the angle change so instead should I cut the tile located next to the wall in 2 pieces so the additional grout joint would be where the angle changes? Since I have plenty of time on this project I plan to tile the shower floor first and then come back and do the shower walls if that will make any difference in how I proceed.

The other question I have is regarding the large "cup" around the drain. I would guess that it gets completely filled up with thinset while tiling but since it's fairly deep I didn't know if I need to partially fill it and let it dry and then finish filling it while tiling.

Any assistance on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Tool Guy - Kg
08-05-2019, 09:28 AM
Hi, Todd.

The size of mosaic tile on the pan of a shower floor is much more typically 2" to allow them to conform to the shape. Sometimes, I'll go as large as 3"...but that's pushing it to the maximum size, if you ask me. For you, you might want to consider cutting your existing tiles into quarters. Some folks will quarter the tiles in the areas of the biggest changes to the contour...but that may or may not be to your liking.

I'd consider a smaller tile, if it were me. Especially getting away from stone tile on a shower floor.

As far as the recess around the drain, the instruction video says to fill it with "thinset" and they show it being filled as you tile. But "thinset" does shrink. And it has a maximum thickness you can apply in one shot. So, I'd either use mortar meant for large format tiles (they used to be referred to as medium bed mortar) that doesn't shrink as much and allows for applications typically up to 3/4", or apply the "thinset" in two lifts, allowing the first to dry before filling a second time while tiling.


08-05-2019, 10:16 AM
i will second the "tile too big" comments above.

08-05-2019, 11:53 AM
As far as the recess around the drain, the instruction video says to fill it with "thinset" and they show it being filled as you tileAnd you would think a manufacturer of products to receive ceramic tile would be sufficiently knowledgeable to know that "thinset" is a method, not a product. Thinset mortar is what they most probably meant and should have said, eh?

08-06-2019, 10:33 AM
Thank you for the feedback. I will check and see if I can maybe return the tile or what my options are. The hard part will be to convince my wife to pick a different tile! Thanks again.

08-06-2019, 11:03 AM
Those stone tiles look pretty porous so you might mention to Mrs. Todd how difficult those will be to clean, Todd, but of course that might also backfire on you. ;)

Tool Guy - Kg
08-06-2019, 07:05 PM
The words, “The size of the tile is incompatible with the relative low radius curves of the pan” might be just the ticket. :idea: