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07-30-2019, 05:27 PM
Hello all,

Been lurking a while and learned a a shower enclosure and floor pulled together quite nicely with a little help. Now I have run into something that I haven't seen searching other posts.

So we did a laminate wood wall that runs behind our vanity. Originally we were going to just use the small backsplash included with the vanity top, but now the wife is not loving the edge detail that they baked into it. It has a double roundover on the top edge of it and on the side that butts up against the wall, which seems like a crap magnet/cleaning nightmare to me.

So she has requested that I just run a strip of the same mosaic tile we did in the shower along the top of it. I'm thinking a 6" tall strip that would wrap the side and back of the vanity. So 2 feet of it is drywall and ~3ft is pergo wood.

Will thinset even stick to laminate? I have some thin (1/8) backer board of some kind that I could screw/glue to the wall and run over that instead. I am also thinking of running some L channel around the sides and top to keep it straight...these small tiles are a pain in the butt that way!

In addition to the laminate issue I'm slightly concerned with the vanity not being married to the walls super well...I'm thinking of leaving the tile a little high and running a color matched caulk line around the bottom rather than trying to grout it solid. I have cement grout and the right color of sanded caulk already.

Anyone else ever run into something similar or have any other ideas of how to approach this?



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07-30-2019, 09:09 PM
Hey John,

I had a similar issue with a bathroom black splash and used Schluter Jolly edge trim to provide a clean edge.

I cut the aluminum using a miter saw with high tooth carbide blade and the set to wall using Sika flex and temp blocking. Once the trim was set I installed the tile using Versabond thinset.



07-31-2019, 12:04 AM
Welcome to the forum, John. :)

Will thinset even stick to laminate?

Short answer, no.

How is the laminate attached to the wall? Most laminate is not known for being well anchored, especially given the width of it. Even if you could get the tile to bond correctly, I'm thinking there could be a lot of movement with the laminate, resulting in cracked grout and loose tile.

How thick is the laminate? I'm wondering if there's a cement board of the same thickness that you could use. If you could cut out the laminate in the area to receive the tile and replace it with a similar thickness of cement board, that would be the best solution I can think of.

I'm thinking of leaving the tile a little high and running a color matched caulk line around the bottom rather than trying to grout it solid.

You should always leave 1/8" gap in that application and fill it with caulk, preferably 100% silicone. You never want to use grout for that, since it doesn't allow for any movement, and would likely crack in very short order.

07-31-2019, 12:46 PM
The laminate is regular Pergo flooring...1/2 inch or so. Their wall instructions are to run a healthy zig zag of silicone along the board and then hit the studs with nails...its a small wall so there are only 3 studs in the middle of the 5 foot width. The tongue and groove locks the boards together as well but it is woodish, so I'm sure it moves some.

I like the idea above...I'm thinking now of building out L channel around it and using a tile/construction adhesive like FuzeAll to stick that to the wall. Then I'm going to try to use the same adhesive to bond an 1/8" backer board to the wall and tile to that.

If it doesn't work I can always cut the wood out and go that route next.