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07-29-2019, 05:46 PM

I am installing a frameless neo angle corner shower. The wall tiles I will be using have a wave like texture on them. At the thickest they measure 1/2 an inch but the trough of the waves is only 1/4 inch. I am concerned about this difference since the glass panel will sit up against the tiles. How do I deal the low spots between the tiles and the glass? Silicone? If it helps, the specific shower is the Dreamline Prism Lux. As a possibly related side note the manufacturer specifies the following on their website for this shower: "This model offers NO adjustment for width or out-of-plumb (uneven walls)". As I type this and reread that statement, I ask myself is this type of tile considered an uneven wall? Suggestions? Comments? Oh... I am attaching two pictures I found online to illustrate kind of what I am talking about.

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07-29-2019, 08:18 PM
Welcome, Johan. :)

Find the folks from whom you gathered those photos and ask them how they dealt with the issue?

If I had to deal with that, I'd split the tiles where I was intending to install the glass and set the glass withing the tile installation. No need to worry about the uneven surface at all.

Kinda like thissy here:


07-30-2019, 08:56 AM
Hi CX,

Thank you for your reply. I like your idea of cutting the tiles where the glass install will occur. I will also try reaching out to the shower manufacturer as well as the place I bought my tiles. As to the pictures I posted I think they were stock photos and don't think the original installer will be easy to get a hold of but I'll look at that Avenue as well.


07-30-2019, 09:05 AM
I think I might hold off on installing the strip of tile on the outside of the glass to give them plenty of room to work and get the glass in place, then set the outside tile afterwards.

They could silicone the inside of the glass to hold it in place, let it dry overnight, then you could set the tiles on the outside.

My concern with setting them all at once would be leaving the gap too large or too small, and causing a problem with the glass installation.

07-30-2019, 10:51 AM
What Kevin said.

That's the way I always do mine, 'cept for siliconing and waiting overnight. I usually don't find that necessary and can generally set the glass on flexible spacers and shim it away from the previously set tiles with temporary tile shims and set the outside tiles in the same manner. That's when I generally wait overnight and do my caulking. But whatever works for you and your glass guys is fine. For fixed glass panels I'm usually the glass guy and get to determine the methods and timing for myself, which I find very helpful.

My opinion; worth price charged.

07-30-2019, 08:31 PM
Thanks for your suggestion Kevin. Good idea.

I called the manufacturer of the shower but sadly they didn't have much to add other than to say that if I mount the glass directly on the tiles I would encounter the same issues regardless of the shower model I go with because the valleys are still there. He did remind me though that if I leave a gap between the tiles as was suggested to account for that when measuring for the curb install.

I will add that my initial measurements were off. I was working from memory and went back and remeasured the tile. Turns out the difference between the peaks and valleys is less than I thought. 1/8" vs 1/4" that I initially posted. I think that I could fill that gap with silicone no?

Thanks again,